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SMACE's values

We believe the worker's well-being strongly depends on the working environment.

Our goal is to support businesses in ensuring a flexible and welfare-oriented working experience.

By so doing, we foster several Italian locations that feature environmental beauty, nearness to points of interest and excellent workability.

Our programmes are win-win situations for every stakeholder:


SMACE regards the human resource as the key to the business' success.

The employees' mental and physical health is fundamental to achieve your goals: that is why we provide services that enhance the work-life balance.

If you want to gain time to spend with your loved ones, for your own interests, and to socialise with your peers, a workation stay is the right solution


SMACE stays for best practices' growth and innovation.

Flexible and suitable working opportunities have a massive impact on employees' productivity.

Our workation programmes help build employees' loyalty through a strong identification with the company's values.

By choosing SMACE, you also foster talent attraction of people who are looking for a career within a company that cares for its human resource's well-being.


SMACE aims at fostering the heritage of the territory.

We don't believe in seasonality, because every Italian location is beautiful, all year long. Hence, our services help the facilities increase the customer flow also during low-mid season time.

We act in the spirit of a more sustainable tourism by bringing business clients to beautiful locations where they can experience top-quality remote working.