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SMACE (Smart Work in a Smart Place) was developed by Andrea Droghetti and Marta Romero, two young consultants, in the summer of 2020: prompted by the restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic, they started experimenting a new way of experiencing work - working remotely from places of interest.
Working from their own garden in Ferrara, mountain huts or next to a beach: this practice helped them improve their mental and physical wealth as well as find the perfect work-life balance they had missed whilst working in town.
Hence the intuition to provide businesses and workers with a service, that is to organise year-round workation (work and vacation) stays, putting together working flexibility and the discovery of Italy's beautiful locations.
The business core idea is to bring employees, either individually or in group, to work from points of interest surrounded by nature, especially over periods less affected by traditional tourism.
Our goal is to become the leader of workation programmes in Italy and Europe, by both providing the most favourable remote-working conditions and fostering the national territory.